Laptop Keyboard Replacement

Are you in Prince George and need help with your laptop’s keyboard? JC Computer is here to assist you with top-quality, affordable keyboard replacement services. Many people think they have to buy a whole new computer when their keyboard is broken, but that’s not the case! We’re happy to replace your keyboard on any type of computer. Here are some common problems our customers encounter. Do any of these sound familiar? If so, don’t hesitate to give us a call and let us know your exact issue!

  • Suddenly, your entire keyboard stops working.
  • One or more keys have disappeared from your laptop keyboard.
  • Some keys have stopped working, and nothing appears on the screen when you press them.
  • Spilling water on your keyboard can make the keys stop working.

Keyboard issues are quite common with laptops. Sometimes keys get sticky or jammed, and occasionally they just stop working, leading to errors in your work. Our skilled and knowledgeable professionals can replace your keyboard, whether you have a Mac or a Windows computer. Our keyboard replacement service is fast and convenient. We don’t outsource these jobs, so you can typically have your computer fixed on the same day.


Laptop Keyboard Common Problems That We Solve At JC Computer

We fix laptops quickly and at low prices. We can solve almost any problem your laptop has.

  • Is your laptop’s backlit keyboard not working? We can likely fix it by replacing the inverter board or the backlight LED.
  • Are some of your keyboard buttons not working? If it’s a mechanical failure, the keyboard may need to be replaced.
  • Is your notebook keyboard completely unresponsive, or have a few keys stopped working? We can resolve all your laptop keyboard issues.
  • Experiencing keyboard auto-typing problems? We can quickly repair or replace any internal keypad issues on your laptop.
  • If you’re using a notebook and the keyboard isn’t working, it might be due to a loose or bad connection on the motherboard.
  • Did your notebook keyboard start malfunctioning after installing Windows 10? We can fix this issue in no time.
  • Are some keys on your laptop keyboard sticky or causing incorrect inputs while typing? Maybe it’s time for a brand new keyboard.
  • Is your laptop keyboard misbehaving or mistyping? Contact JC Computer in Prince George for assistance.
  • No matter what keyboard issue you’re facing, we’re here to help you get your laptop back in working order. Contact us today for reliable and prompt service!