Data Recovery Services in Prince George

When it comes to keeping your important computer data safe, we all know that regular backups are essential. A system crash can lead to unimaginable problems, but despite this knowledge, many people go about their daily lives without backing up their accounting data, databases, digital photos, and other crucial files.

At our local computer repair shops, we offer you the best chance of recovering your data without disappointment. Sometimes, customers misdiagnose their computer issues and may not even require our hard drive data retrieval services. If our skilled technicians can’t find a solution remotely, your best course of action is to visit us in person.

Our dedicated team undergoes regular training and has extensive experience working with top hard disk companies. They stay updated on the latest trends and technologies in data retrieval, ensuring we always provide the best data recovery service in Prince George. Our success is primarily attributed to our team of recovery professionals, who continually strive to enhance their skills, making us one of the top data recovery and computer repair service providers in Prince George.

In most cases, using precise procedures, we can recover data from inaccessible or malfunctioning storage devices.


We specialize in resolving common laptop data recovery issues here at JC Computer.


We specialize in same-day repairs and work with all makes and models of computers. Our recovery professionals are trained to successfully retrieve files from damaged or partially destroyed hard drives, solid-state (SSD) hard drives, and removable media. In addition to physical file recovery, they excel at recovering information from corrupt or damaged file systems such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, EXT1/EXT2/Ext3, HFS+, and EFS.

Is Laptop Data Recovery Worth It?

If your files are not valuable, there’s no need for recovery. But if your files are essential to you, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.

Common Data Recovery Scenarios:

Crashed Hard Disk: We provide professional data retrieval services for both physical and logical crashes of storage devices.

Corrupted Files: Recovering corrupted files is achievable with effective methods and tools.

Controller Chip Failure: Controller failure, logic board failure, bad memory chips, defective electronics, and electrical storm damage can be addressed.

Water-Drowned Hard Drive: When a hard drive gets wet, it can cause a short circuit. We have the expertise to address this issue.

Deleted Data Recovery: If you’ve formatted or erased data from your hard disk, we can help you recover your files using specialized software.

Formatted Hard Disk Recovery: We specialize in recovering data after formatting a hard drive. Our computer recovery is a powerful solution for formatted hard drive recovery.

Don’t risk losing your valuable data. Contact us today for expert computer data recovery services and peace of mind.