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Motherboard Repair
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Keyboard Repacement
Macbook Repair
SSD and Ram Upgrade
Data Recovery
Hard Disk
Laptop Body and Hinge Repair

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Free Pickup & Drop

We help those who can’t come to the shop by offering free Pickup and Drop-off for computers. It’s convenient and no cost!

No Diagnosis Charges

At JC Computer, we provide a free computer diagnosis. Don’t miss out on our free computer diagnosis service.

Experienced Engineers

At JC Computer , our skilled engineers provide excellent repair services. Join our dedicated team for a great experience today!

100% Warranty

At JC Computer, we give a 100% warranty on laptop repairs, something no other company does. Your laptop is in safe hands!

ISO Certified Company

JC Computer is an ISO-certified company. Our ISO certification guarantees dependable quality you can trust!

Quality Spare Parts

Our technicians prioritize quality spare parts for every computer repair job. Rest assured, we use only the finest components to ensure lasting performance and reliability

Prince George’s Computer Repair & AMC Service Provider

We are the best at JC Computer, a Computer Repair Service Company in Prince George. Our friendly professionals work hard to help you with all your computer needs. We have offices in Prince George, BC.

Our technicians are dedicated to fixing your computer problems and ensuring you’re content. Just call us, and we’ll provide you with the best computer AMC services in Prince George. Our services are great for laptops, desktops, and computers.

We always stay updated with what’s happening in the country, so you can trust us for top-notch computer AMC services. People appreciate our computer repair services because we do a great job and are very reliable. You won’t be disappointed with us!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Computer/Laptop Repair

What Types Of Laptop And Computer Repair Services Do You Offer?

We offer a wide range of services, including motherboard repair, screen replacement, laptop battery replacement, keyboard replacement, Macbook repair, SSD and RAM upgrades, data recovery, hard disk repair, and laptop body and hinge repair.

How Do I Know If My Laptop's Motherboard Is Faulty And Needs Repair?

Common signs of motherboard issues include no power, overheating, random shutdowns, and malfunctioning ports. If you experience any of these problems, it’s best to bring your laptop to us for a diagnostic assessment

Can You Replace Broken Or Cracked Laptop Screens?

Yes, we specialize in screen replacement for various laptop models. Whether your screen is cracked, damaged, or displaying abnormalities, we can help you get it fixed.

Do You Offer Keyboard Replacement Services For All Laptop Brands?
Absolutely! We provide keyboard replacement services for a wide range of laptop brands and models. Whether you have a broken or malfunctioning keyboard, we can replace it with a new one.
Is It Possible To Upgrade The SSD And RAM In My Laptop To Improve Its Performance?

Yes, we offer SSD and RAM upgrade services to enhance your laptop’s speed and performance. Upgrading these components can significantly improve your computer’s capabilities.

Can You Recover Data From A Damaged Or Corrupted Hard Disk?
Yes, we have expertise in data recovery from damaged or corrupted hard disks. If you’ve lost important data due to a hard disk issue, we can help you retrieve it.
What Should I Do If My Macbook Is Experiencing Issues Or Malfunctions?
If you have a MacBook that’s not functioning correctly, bring it to us for professional repair. We have experience with MacBook repair and can address a variety of issues to get your device working like new again.


I thought I had lost all my important data, but JC Computer’s data recovery service saved the day. They recovered my files from a damaged hard disk, and I couldn’t be happier. Trustworthy and reliable!


When my laptop’s keyboard started acting up, JC Computer came to the rescue. They replaced the keyboard flawlessly, and now my laptop feels brand new. I’m grateful for their prompt and professional service.


I needed a quick battery replacement for my laptop, and JC Computer delivered exceptional service. The staff was friendly, and the replacement was done swiftly. I’m impressed with their expertise!